Below please find a preliminary programme detailing the start and finish of the event days.
Once the Call for Abstracts are closed, the programme committee will make available a more detailed daily schedule.

Note that Pre-event Satellite Sessions will not be included within the registration fee. 

These will require conference delegates to book at an additional cost. You can not book these without attending the full conference. 

The Main Conference will commence on Tuesday 26th June with an opening lecture and welcome reception, finishing with the  closing session on the Friday 29th June. 


Development constraints in the evolution of plants and animals  Dmitry Sokoloff, Yulia Kraus
Development properties driving speciation Rainer Melzer
Eco-Evo-Devo Kevin Parsons, Craig Albertson
Evo-devo of color pattern formation Claudius Kratochwil
Evolution of developmental patterning within a plant organ Beverley Glover
Evolution of regeneration in Metazoa Eve Gazave, Eric Rottinger
Evolution dynamics to shape phenotype and direction in evolution Koichi Fujimoto, Paul Francois
Floral evolution and development in non-model organisms Catherine Damerval, Sophie Nadot
Going beyond embryos - evolution of postembryonic development Nico Posnien, Micael Reis
Inherency in development and evolution Gerd Mueller, Stuart Newman
Mechanisms of gene regulatory network evolution Maria Ina Arnone, Paola Oliveri
Multilevel understanding of the evolution of animal structures and organ systems Sabrina Kaul-Strehlow
Niche construction, behavior, epigenetics, and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: uncovering the links between genes, development, form, function, ecology, and evolution and implications for Evo-Devo
Rui Diogo
Novelties in cell type evolution    Detlev Arendt, Gaspar Jekely, Jacob Musser
Phenotypic robustness, fluctuations and plasticity Kunihiko Kaneko
Progress and open questions in Spiralian evodevo Jose M. Martin-Duran, Cristina Grande
Rewiring motor systems to evolve a vertebrate head  Bernd Fritzsch
Single-cell RNA-seq: a powerful new approach for understanding the evolution of development Christopher E Laumer 
Systems biology of pattern formation Ezzat El-Sherif, Erik Clark 
The Evo-Devo of appendages   Joost Woltering 
The role of boundaries in organismal diversification  Madelaine Bartlett, Chelsea D. Specht 
Understanding morphological diversity at different evolutionary scales: Towards a multi scale synthesis Miltos Tsiantis, Angela Hay 
What does genotype-phenotype association tell us about development? Philipp Mitteroecker